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Best Services

We do our best to give new and old customers a good experience of the services we provide. At the same time we want to do our jobs even better, so we always welcome advice, criticism and ideas from our customers regarding service improvements and new products. img

Quick Support

We know that it is a key value for our customers to have a swift answer, so the planning of new designs and collections can move forward. That's why we provide our customers with a quick and trustful response on product access ability, price and delivery time. img

Global Solutions

We always try to find the most optimal transport and custom solutions for our customers around the world. We also implement transport solutions that fits into our customers already existing supply chain. With research and know how we try to avoid any mistakes and delays. img

How We Work

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    Creative Ideas

    We listen to you and study your ideas, share our thoughts and experience, so you can achieve your creative goals.

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    Best Solutions

    We find new products, or creates samples, for production or purchasing, and present the best solutions for you.

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    On Time

    Time is costly. So we deliver the products when and where you need them, so you never loose time on your productions

Why Choose Us

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    Our beliefs is we have to give to get, so we always prefer Win Win situations, and long lasting relations.

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    Dedicated Support

    We always dedicated one person to your you and your business. So the teamwork between you and us are efficient and the quality is as you need.

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    We like to think of ourselves as nice people, and customers say we are like one big family and fun to work with. We think this is important for a good business.

Our Priority

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    We do our best to educate our employees in what our customers need, to be able to implement the right QC. 100 % of the products that passes through our company have been handled in our QC.

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    We use the agreed delivery time to prioritize our productions, and deliver on the way you have specified, so there not occurs delays on your sales campaigns.

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    When we have agreed on a price, you can be sure that there will not be any extra surprises, so your budget dont need to be changed.

Give us your request today, and we will give you an answer tomorrow. Quick Contact sales@kb-plus.com