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About Us

The Company Background, Vision, Mission and Values

About Our Company

KB PLUS came into existence in 2003, but the owner Natchayathon Ingkaratangkarima has a much longer experience in th Thai Fashion Industry.

We are a small company on the surface, but that’s only because the business setup are made to be scalable, to keep down the overhead costs, and stay dynamic.

We want to be close to our customers, because we truly believe that this is the right way to make a win win situation.

We have been - and are working with the best brands in Thailand a long time. We understand what is needed as a supplier to a modern supply chain, and we are able to adjust our systems to the customers’ demands.

We are putting a lot of effort into our Vision, Mission and Values, to always knowing who we are, who we work with, and how to keep over company up to our goals.

You are welcome to read the here:

Our Vision

Fulfilling Potential
KB PLUS is dedicated to providing each costumer with the opportunity, the products, and the inspiration to achieve what they are capable of.

Our Misson

Always Challenge and Lead through Creativity and loyalty
We Find and Creates products that reflect the customers unlimited creative design potential, by staying intimate with our buyers and the fashion marked.

Our Values

Team Work
We know we get the best results by working together in harmony with others in a group.

We think it is important to show Respect is to Honor and show consideration to people around us.

We want to share a portion of something with our employers and customers, and we beleive by sharing - good things will happen.

We think a Smile is an easy thing to do to make everybody’s day better.

Making a difference
We try and want to Make A Difference in a positive way.

We want to be faithful to commitments.

We love to come up with new ideas or just new ways to apply to an existing idea.

Good Manners
We believe to do things with a Good Manner is the way in which things are done or happens.

We support Ambitions, and think it is our earnest desire for achievement.

We think by Education is a process of receiving or giving instruction, and education will do us all stronger together.

With all best wishes
Natchayathon Ingkaratangkarima

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What Makes Us Special


We Work for You!

Big or small - you will always be important to KB PLUS. You are the reason we work so hard. If you're a KB PLUS customer, we work for YOU!


Succeed with us!

We will do everything in our power to make you succeed. We know that we have to see you on top of the mountain, to achive our own goals.


Clients choose us!

Clients who know us, are not afraid to recommend us to other colleagues. They know they can trust the employees in KB PLUS


Our Capabilities

Our always updated databases are full of qualified suppliers. We teach our employees in new skills, so we always ready for new products or markets.

Give us your request today, and we will give you an answer tomorrow. Quick Contact sales@kb-plus.com